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ground engineering

Ground Engineering

VSL’s ground engineering arm, Intrafor originated from Hong Kong and has been present in the Middle East since 2006. Over the years Intrafor has developed extensive experience and expert know-how in... 
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Hodariyat Bridge Photo 1

Bridge Construction Partner

VSL is recognised as a world leader in specialist construction engineering and associated technologies and services. Today, VSL operates as a network through 50 locations established on 6 continents. VSL... 
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MSE walls

MSE Walls

The VSoL® retained earth system is a composite soil reinforcing system that utilises welded wire mesh or polymeric strips to resist the horizontal forces generated within an earth backfill. A retained... 
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VSL has an extensive track record in the design and construction of various containment structures such as silos, liquid storage tanks and nuclear containments. Over the years innovative post tensioning... 
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Strengthening and Repairs

The Repairs and Reinforcement scopes are also on our activities. External Post Tensioning Cables, CFRP, Crack Repairs are the tools we can offer to our clients.  
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Heavy Lifting

VSL’s Heavy Lifting  is a specialized division for moving heavy loads in challenging conditions. Armed with customized techniques, the heavy lifting  provides innovative solutions for... 
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Bar Systems

VSL has been supplying and designing bars for the construction industry since 1971. VSL has an extensive list of hot rolled and cold rolled bars, with coarse threads as well as fine threads. These have... 
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PT Civil

Post Tensioning Civil

VSL technology is based on the principle of post-tensioning where the pre-stress is permanently introduced into the structure after the concrete has hardened. This is achieved by the stressing of suitably... 
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stay cables

Stay Cables

VSL Stay Cables have a design life of 100 years even in the most aggressive environments. Elements are fully replaceable without requiring modifications to the structure. All materials used have been detailed... 
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PT Buildings

Post Tensioning in Buildings

The engineering technique of Post tensioning concrete increases the benefits associated with concrete framed buildings such as longer spans, thinner slabs, sustainability and speed of construction. With... 
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Latest News

October 24, 2012

Infra Oman 2012

The ongoing projects we had in Oman in PT and Soil Wall are just the beginning of our expansion in this region hence, VSL Muscat LLC is on the way to be formally launched in the near future. The VSL [...]

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